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Put some erratic jazz on the radio

Sit up in bed

Lean my head against the wall

Rest my eyes

The monkey crawls under my skin

The nod sets in

Images of Walid al-Taha appear before me

He teaches me his Sufi ways

Moving, huffing, round to New Mecca

With every step another lesson


He brings me to forgotten ruins

Places over looked knowledge in my being


We stand on the cusp of damnation and sainthood

We are Aquarian anarchists

Creation steppers

He gives me and calls me by my new name

Allah is ever surrounding us


Walid al-Taha evaporates into the mist of Avalon

Junk manna lay at my feet

Jazz ends

The monkey dies

I open my eyes to an infinite world of possibilities

New insights for a new age





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  1. Reblogged this on bekleberhane and commented:

    I wrote this in honor of a great but mostly unknown poet Walid al-Taha I have always felt a connection with this man.

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