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the man the myth the legend

the man the myth the legend


He came on the scene as if he stepped out of a dream

Giving knowledge to social outcasts

Taught them how to see the world clearly

He gave respect to those who crossed his path

Teaching the supreme principles of Allah

So unmovable in his ways they started calling him prophet, Mahdi, and Christ


He built up communities that others willingly overlooked

He gave clothing to the naked

Freely he gave out true knowledge of everything

Told them to concentrate in order to maintain righteousness

No matter what they devil may throw at you

Everything He did was for the greater good


Gave them proper food and a guided mind

Body is your Temple keep it clean

With Mathematics he gave proof of God

Fed with the manna that all secrets revealed

In a relaxed state He went from prophet to God.


He killed the four devils that enslaved the Lost

Now found, reborn, he gave the knowledge of freedom

Brought many hearts and minds back to the original culture


Through his teachings the tribe reclaimed the Nation

Equality and right livelihood is purity

Love and tolerance keeps the guided in peace

Show kindness to everyone you meet including the devil


Due to the teachings of this individual

A low people rose and rises to higher planes of existence





We are the outcasts

The magical misfits

Holders of tradition

With conformity


We are everything

We are nothing

Together we set the world on fire

Chanting all the names of Allah


We are the jedi

Time Lords

Bending stale reality

With our noble Science


We are one Community

Maintaining razor edged individuality

Our minds have entered Morocco

The Garden is our residence


The path of freedom is open

To all those who understand

Find salvation without strings

Just as Ali has declared


(For all my Moorish brothers and Sisters past, present, and future)

( I wrote this for the Moorish League in a book called On the clouds of Ashura you can read it here✓&query=On+the+Clouds+of+Ashura ,hope you check it out.)

Put some erratic jazz on the radio

Sit up in bed

Lean my head against the wall

Rest my eyes

The monkey crawls under my skin

The nod sets in

Images of Walid al-Taha appear before me

He teaches me his Sufi ways

Moving, huffing, round to New Mecca

With every step another lesson


He brings me to forgotten ruins

Places over looked knowledge in my being


We stand on the cusp of damnation and sainthood

We are Aquarian anarchists

Creation steppers

He gives me and calls me by my new name

Allah is ever surrounding us


Walid al-Taha evaporates into the mist of Avalon

Junk manna lay at my feet

Jazz ends

The monkey dies

I open my eyes to an infinite world of possibilities

New insights for a new age






The bass thumps



Over and over

While the drums brush Zig-Zag-Zig

I enter my inner Cat

Slumber Mountains

Tearless pools

Thursday wishes

African Mask

Sleeping wife

Red blanket hats

Penguin madness

Two hands holding my heart

One is mine the other is










Half falsehood

Yearning vampire

Dog sigh

Vault open

Mind closed

Arabian angels

Naked shoes

Crawling chaos

Crawling chaos

Crawling chaos

Allah is order

Sufi terrorism

Curled up

Round brown

Dreaming nips

I am my inner cat

Stretched out

Curled up

Perked ears

Smooth gray

I am my inner cat

I am my inner cat

I am my inner cat

I am my inner cat








Sweet sound of Martian jazz

Being played on Persian flutes and Moroccan sand

Bopping beat of sharps and flats

Steel undercurrent of death metal choir

Pixie Ocean

Occasionally someone approaches the Sinatra microphone

Yelling into it

As if it’s a bottomless well

Each person an instrument

Ninths, fifths, augmented

Vibrations of a cool down sun from Mandy

Shams Muhammad

Drunken Sufi master

Gazing out at the crowded snow globe room


He sings in a cosmic hobo voice


Allah wisdom saves


Allah wisdom saves

Father of truth is he

Father of truth is he

He, he, he,

Are you square?


Allah wisdom saves

Self-knowledge leads to Allah


Self-knowledge leads to Allah

Spring truth

Are you on the square?


God cipher

God cipher

God cipher

God cipher


While Shams sings he spins round and around

The thoughts of Allah cheer

Wanting more

Shams leaves them


Letting them meditate on the java filled words

Marijuana pillows

Junk beds

Sleeping cat

Who were the Elmwood Weirdo’s?

We were the truth seekers of night

The Catholic kids who loved Islam and Buddhism

Constant questioners

Tweaked out philosophers who partook in hippie love

Wicca fire warmers

Tough geeks

We were the ones no one wanted to understand

(Livicated: Bulldog Bey, James Bey, Mandy El, Chronic Chucky Bey, Katie EL, Love A. Bey, Chris “the Kid” Bey, Topher El, Isa El, Captain Renee El, and Kerry “the Dark One Bey) Image


These past couple of weeks has been more than eye opening not just for me but also for the United States. Two lost children set off a couple of bombs in Boston Massachusetts. As soon as the dust settled and the news that it was two Muslims that did this did the war cry of “White Power” come screaming out. Everywhere I went I heard how all Muslims are barbaric animals trying to claw down the Christian Nation of America. How every person should enlist and learn the true meaning of Americanism. Some fools even went so far as to misquote the Qur’an in order to desperately try to prove their point.  We must defend our white boarders from these Olive Tone animals.

As the days went on I had to laugh because who do these unenlightened Europeans think they are fooling? They cry for sympathy and vengeance while they and those who think with the European mindset go bombing, looting, killing, and raping all over the world. Babylon has created the very monsters that it now tries to hide from. This is nothing new for the European this has been going on aggressively since April 21, 753 B.C. The first great European King Romulus plunged the world into darkness by unleashing the true barbarians on the planet earth. He like his ancestors and many of their offspring down to the present day followed in Princess Europe’s footsteps of ultra perversions. Unspeakable acts of genocide they have committed through out there reign and now they want to be the good guys? The United States history only confirms their lust for self-righteous bloodshed.

Not only did they distort the balance of earth but also they even tried to erase their true Ancient Forefathers with imposture ones such as Romulus, Julius Caesar, and Augustine Forcing many others to do the same. They went to the houses of Knowledge and stole all they could proclaim themselves as the founders of Civilization. The word civilized should be taking out because nothing of there society is based on any truth. It is based on lies and that which is based on lies will never last. All one needs to do is open a history book and read between the lines the truth is staring them right in the face and they choose not to see it. Modern science even agrees that the European is not the origin of anything yet they persist.

If the European is going to continue to exist they must change their ungodly ways. They must repent for all the crimes they have done, and change how they perceive the world from that of a Eurocentric way to that of an Asiatic way. The keys of civilization must be giving back to our Asiatic parents the Original Black Man and Black Woman of the planet earth. Everything they have learned must be unlearned all the lies must be washed away and replaced with truth. In essence they must be born again.

Turn from your evil ways or Allah will turn on you (Circle 7 14:28) Can’t you see that Allah is giving you one more chance to collectively be saved from your sinful ways, to join the human family ounce again. Will you defeat your inner devils like some of your children have done, the ones you call race traitors. Will you learn to love instead of hate? Accept your place in the human family? Or will you continue down this path of white pride? Will you continue to embrace sin and all the evil that it brings. Are you prepared to sing the song of Sarah? If you are then get right with the Lord Allah right now, embrace that Old Time Religion of Islam. Follow the example of the prophets and receive your inheritance. If not then continue in the hell that you have created for yourself.

The sword of Justice is ready to strike which side of the blade will you be on?

I say these things not out of anger or of hate but out of Love.

Your brother,

Abdul Batin Osman Bey


The king of Rock N’ Roll is Chuck Berry not Elvis.


No God But God

This is a picture by EvilArtForm on he’s a great artist check him out.

In the name of Allah, the merciful, the peaceful

Glory be to you, Lord


As I listened to the news on the radio hearing about the events that have been unfolding within the middle east and Africa I couldn’t help but feel saddened. Hear we are continuing to go around the same broken wheel. When are we going to learn that wars solve nothing? Wars can only create more hatred and more wars. Why do you think politicians love war? They love it because they are enemies of Peace, enemies of humanity and enemies of God. This is why we must stop looking for a political solution, a political savior; it’s never going to happen. We must join together as one community embracing each other regardless of differences in beliefs, color, and whatever else people use to divide. God has made us all in his image, and only he can judge us because it is from Him we come and to Him we return.

We of the Monotheistic faiths have a common thread that binds us together. That silver cord has a name and that name is the prophet Abraham. It is from his vision of God that all three were birthed and sprung up. He shaped our very course with a simple call of One Aim, One Love, One God, One Destiny, which has been repeated down the line from his time until now. What would Abraham say if he was to walk among us right now? Would he approve of his children by blood and by adoption fighting among themselves like rats?  Do you think he would enjoy hearing his family slander one another? No, he would be mortified that the Unity he envisioned has caused so much pain and sorrow. We are to have no division among us. We are to settle our differences with kindness.  We are to “Love our neighbors” because our neighbors are our family, our us, and our images of the one who created us. Who dares to kill the All Mighty? Only the fools among the foolish, yet it’s going on right now everywhere you turn. People are convinced that this is the way it must be brainwashed by the White Horse they joyfully bath with the Red Horse then they wonder why the Black Horse is all they ever get. Wake up! It’s time to go back to the original call of Abraham and all the other prophets and friends of God. Unity in Oness. One People, One God, One Destiny, that should be our mantra instead of this us against them, the it’s all about ME mentality that the devil whispers into our ears and we think of ourselves as righteous. Stop living on the lower end of life move yourself into the higher end, the higher self, heal the world instead of shrugging and wallowing in its wounds.

Many of us talk a good game about helping others but when you get down to it most of us do nothing about it. We are quick to condemn the world and point out all its flaws but we are slow in changing ourselves. Or we change ourselves and think that’s all you need to do and you do nothing to alleviate the wretchedness around you. Brothers and Sisters it time we stop waiting for someone else to come and save the day because that’s not going to happen. We must each put on the cloak of the teachings of our Lord and live out true submission, which is Peace. Lets stop saying when the prophet Jesus or the Mahdi or whomever comes then things will be good. If you’re doing that then you are missing the point. Jesus said: “What I have done you can do greater” this is him telling us to pick up where he left off, that was his way of saying pick up the mantle march to the way of Love, Truth, Peace, Equality and Justice. Take a stand and move forward. This is what the prophet Muhammad did, this is what Marcus Garvey did, Druze Ali did, and many others did. So why are we not doing this? Why are we not pushing the world towards the Garden, Towards Zion, Towards Nirvana, towards a better day for our children and future generations? The answer is simple we digressed, we allowed politics into our lives, into our minds and instead of being Holy which means to separate we became of the world. We have allowed pollution into our food, into our lungs, into every aspect of our very existence. Snap out of it! We have too little time to waste. Become the solution not the problem.

In the beginning: All people were of one Community it was only later that division came. Let us remember this and try to get back to this so that this current cycle of Death may end and be replaced by Life.

Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds.


In the name of Allah

Glory be to you, Lord


Brothers and Sisters I am deeply grieved on this Holy Friday because we have seen the ravenous taking of 28 souls on this day. Children, teachers, and an older gentleman woke up like we all did only to meet an end at the hands of a person who was lost within the Lower Self. Again, violence has caught us off guard and we are to ask ourselves why, why would such a person do this. I cannot tell you the motives of this deranged person but I would outline some overall factors that the United States of Babylon seems to be over looking. Instead of looking at the why we should look at the How.

You will always have one bad apple but we are having bushels of bad apples because we live in a society that shuns morality. Regardless whether you have a faith in God or not you should make sure from the second they are born that they know what is right and what is wrong. Instead of this anything goes mentality we are feeding the young today. Punish them so that they know that in the real world that consequences exist for what you do and make sure they know what those consequences are. Instead of this never punish it will be all right because you are special.

I remember being young and my family along with the teachers and even the television programming all had a moral lesson. When you take morality away from people or teach them a false reality then you are setting them in motion to become monsters. It’s not an excuse but a fact. We need to bring back right and wrong, crime and punishment into our way of life. Make prisons unfriendly places, make sure that your child knows the difference between reality and fantasy because the mind by itself cannot and if you allow people to follow whatever the mind dictates you will have millions of people that will indulge in whatever they fancy. Then they lose interest and move on to something more pervasive until they harm themselves, family, or as we have seen other people. Don’t be afraid to be an adult; don’t be afraid to be a real community instead of a fake community let them know where they stand now and where they will stand when they get older.   How many more warning signs do you need before you take action? Or will you simply bury your head in the sand and sigh in relief that it wasn’t anyone you knew or cared about. Until one day it is someone you care about then you will want something done but let me ask you this if you do not help others why would anyone help you? What we need to do is go after the symptom not the sickness.


A society will never be perfect but we can get it as close as we want it to be. I don’t believe as others do that throwing our hands up in the air saying one day it’ll magically get better so I’ll just sit on my buttocks and wait. No, I believe in action and we must take action not tomorrow but today and NOW.

The easiest way to teach is to be the example of what you teach. Too many people want to teach but do not embody or be what they teach. That is another flaw that must be overcome with self-discipline, which is another ugly word in our current society, but it must be done. If you teach but are a hypocrite then you have undone what you have taught. Thus teaching them to be deceivers pushing them deeper into the lower self.

So enjoy your Friday and all your other days, spread the Light of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice on everyone you meet making this world one step closer to perfection.


Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds